an original audio drama

Episode Three – Nuntius Deae

Time has a habit of making even the most depraved of circumstances become accepted as the way of the world. But nothing lasts forever. As the nobility of Sevenpeaks sinks deeper into detached decadence, little do they know of the inevitable end that will come to their time… Until a messenger comes to call…

2 responses

  1. Danny

    I’ve just listened to the 3rd part of the story. Well… I’m totally impressed and engrossed.
    General atmosphere, actors, music, plot – all of these together combined make a real top end audio drama. I’ve been recently searching for something like this and I must admit your work is outstanding. One of the best I’ve ever heard. Keep going that way.
    Regards D.

    March 29, 2011 at 4:44 pm

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