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The Witch Hunter Chronicles received with great enthusiasm!

It seems The Witch Hunter Chronicles has been received with great enthusiasm.

On his blog, Cleireac has written a glowing review of the series, stating:

The Witch Hunter Chronicles is dark fantasy, certainly, but we are presented with a complex character who knows his own mind and is determined to follow his purpose, no matter where it leads. And it leads to some very unwholesome places indeed. The drama is full of betrayal, madness, fear, corruption, persecution, and intolerance. Ludlov stands alone as perhaps a redeeming figure in this world.

The series is no “Princess Bride,” mind you. It is a serious, gritty fantasy drama that sets the bar very high.”

You can read the full review on Cleireac’s Live Journal.

Also, the popular audio drama podcast Radio Drama Revival is now featuring The Witch Hunter Chronicles. The show’s host, Fred Greenhalgh, loves the series and calls it “well produced, brilliantly scored and awesomely gothic”.

Check it out over at Radio Drama Revival.

Meanwhile, some of you may be thinking “that’s all well and good, but when is the next part coming out”? We have good news. The music has been written for about half of what we call “the grand finale”. Yes, we’d like to end the series on a high note and that’s why the final two episodes of The Witch Hunter Chronicles will be especially long.

Very soon, listeners can expect Episode XI: Ignis, the last “normal” episode before the giant two-part big finish.

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