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The Release Date… and a little something extra…

The first episode of THE WITCH HUNTER CHRONICLES, entitled INTROITUS, will be published right here on this blog this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20st!

In the mean time, we invite our readers to listen to this music by our composer, Peter Van Riet, as a preview of the upcoming audio drama!

Listen here to a preview of the  epic theme for our dark hero, Ludlov the Witch Hunter.

Coming soon…

Welcome! Soon The Witch Hunter Chronicles audio drama series will be published and freely available for download on this website.

The Witch Hunter Chronicles is a dark fantasy tale about a fictional renaissance world where doom is fast approaching and the end of all things may be nigh. In the midst of this turmoil, we find a lonely man with a thirst for revenge, an innocent girl with great unknown power and a dark presence slowly moving the great city of Sevenpeaks to the brink of total collapse…

The Witch Hunter Chronicles is a project by Audio Epics.