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Announcing ‘The Beast of the Western Wilds’

beast cover final

Our new production, The Beast of the Western Wilds, has been written. It’s a new adventure set before the events in Witch Hunter. Ludlov is once more the protagonist in this gothic horror extravaganza that takes place in the wilderness far from the well-known streets of Sevenpeaks.

The Beast of the Western Wilds can be enjoyed with no previous knowledge of Witch Hunter, although that dramatized audiobook can be enjoyed for free on Bandcamp, YouTube and Podbean, so why wouldn’t you?

Like Witch Hunter, we will release this story both as an e-book and as a dramatized audiobook. The audio version will feature multiple voice actors, sound effects and an original music score. Recording is set to begin in July.

Witch Hunter: listen to the entire story now!

You can listen to the entire WITCH HUNTER story for free on YouTube now!

Witch Hunter has been a labour of love for us. We greatly appreciate your feedback.
In addition, you can support us by purchasing Witch Hunter in one of several ways:

  • You can purchase the album on Bandcamp. If you do this, you will receive a download of the entire story without chatter in between the episodes. In addition, this download comes with wallpapers and illustrations.
  • You can purchase the USB version. This is a beautifully produced hard copy of the story. It looks like an old-fashioned cassette tape, but it’s actually a USB flash drive. The cover has a beautiful map of Sevenpeaks on the inside and the stick contains lots of additional material, including the original music score by composer Peter Van Riet.
  • You can buy the novel on Amazon. There is both a Kindle version and a paperback version. The paper version comes with illustrations throughout the novel. Voorbeeld

You can also support us non-financially, which we appreciate just as much!

  • You can write up your review on Goodreads, Amazon or your own blog.
  • You can subscribe to the Audio Epics podcast, which includes both Witch Hunter and other stories plus episodes about audio storytelling in general.
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Witch Hunter: The Dramatized Audiobook released!

We have come to it at last… Witch Hunter released on Bandcamp today!

“Witch Hunter: The Dramatized Audiobook” is now available for purchase on Bandcamp.

We have worked long and hard on this 13-hour epic and we hope that you will enjoy it.

For a limited time, we’re including a special launch promotion! Share Audio Epics posts about Witch Hunter on Facebook to receive a 50% discount code for the audiobook!


The end of the Chronicles… The beginning of Witch Hunter!

We have posted a new article on about the end of The Witch Hunter Chronicles… Which is also the beginning of Witch Hunter, including a very interesting holiday season deal indeed!

Witch Hunter Chronicles promotion


“Witch Hunter” – the novel

At last, the Witch Hunter novel is now available on and! This is a revised and expanded version of the story that goes both further and deeper than the audio drama did!

Find it on Domien’s author page over at Amazon!


Witch Hunter: a 6-minute preview

Our IndieGoGo campaign is going strong at and to celebrate that, we’re offering a special 6-minute preview to give you an idea of what the audiobook will sound like. Mind you, this was made with our current means. It’s going to be even more awesome once we’re fully funded:

More updates will come!

Jack Ward interviews Domien & Eline

Back in July, Jack J. Ward from the Sonic Society interviewed us about The Witch Hunter Chronicles. This interview is also featured on Jerry Stearns’ radio show Sound Affects: A Radio Playground.

Listen to the interview and see some nice original Witch Hunter Chronicles artwork right here!

The Witch Hunter Chronicles Poster

Back from an incredible week in the USA!

This is our Ogle award. The name comes from Charles Ogle, who was the first actor to portray Frankenstein back in the silent movie era. His grim visage adorns the plaque.
 Accepting the award during the opening ceremony of CONvergence 2011.
 The best picture of the lot, this one shows the wonderful audio drama people we got to know better during our stay. 

Top to bottom, left to right: the gentleman with the Superman T-shirt is Jack J. Ward, host of the Sonic Society that has featured our show. He is also the director of Electric Vicuna productions and won an Ogle this year for his supernatural audio drama, Soul Survivor.
Jeffrey Adams is a producer with the Icebox Radio Theatre from Minnesota.
Jonathan Mitchell is a radio producer based in New York City who won this year’s gold Mark Time award for an esoteric sci-fi piece called The Truth: Moon Graffiti. To his right, we have Susan Grandys, wife of Cayenne Chris Conroy in front of her.


Second row, from the left: Jerry Stearns, the man who organizes the awards who is also a radio drama writer/producer with Great Northern Audio. To the right of him there’s me (Domien De Groot, writer/producer of the Witch Hunter Chronicles). Then we have Fred Greenhalgh who also hosts a podcast featuring modern audio drama (including Witch Hunter) called Radio Drama Revival. Besides that, he is an excellent writer/producer who created this year’s Mark Time award-winning production “The Cleansed“, a post-apocalyptic tale recorded on location in Maine. To his right, there is Cayenne Chris Conroy, winner of this years Gold Ogle award and director of Teknikal Difficulties, an audio drama production house based in Minneapolis.


Front row: left is Kris M. Markman, one of the judges of the awards, Brian Price, also a judge and co-writer/producer with Jerry Stearns on Great Northern Audio. To his right is Audio Epics’ voice performance director Eline Hoskens. To her right, Scott Hickey, writer/producer of horror audio drama series The Grist Mill. Finally, we have Samantha Mason (director) and Matthew J Boudreau (sound designer/mixer) from 1918, a retrofuturistic audio drama that won a Mark Time award this year.


We spent many hours until late in the night chatting with these people and all of them are amazingly committed audio dramaphiles who’ve made us little Belgians feel very welcome!

The Witch Hunter Chronicles wins an award!

The Witch Hunter Chronicles has won an HONORABLE MENTION award at the Ogles!

The Mark Time and Ogle awards are handed out in Minneapolis, Minnesota and reward achievements in the field of science fiction (Mark Time) and Fantasy (Ogle) audio drama.

Domien De Groot & Eline Hoskens will be present at the awards ceremony in Minneapolis.

We would like to thank the judges and everyone involved in the making of this project as well as all of our listeners and supporters!

Improved version coming up + some great art!

Greetings, all of you!

A small announcement: we are planning to release an improved, updated version of The Witch Hunter Chronicles soon. It will be presented as a new playlist. It will also have a higher bitrate, resulting in better sound quality. It should be the best way to experience this audio drama.

Meanwhile, we proudly present this wonderful artwork by the talented Eva Brarens, known as Gwenwhyfar on DeviantArt. In my opinion, it captures the feel of The Witch Hunter Chronicles perfectly:

The Witch Hunter Chronicles Poster