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Witch Hunter: The Dramatized Audiobook released!

We have come to it at last… Witch Hunter released on Bandcamp today!

“Witch Hunter: The Dramatized Audiobook” is now available for purchase on Bandcamp.

We have worked long and hard on this 13-hour epic and we hope that you will enjoy it.

For a limited time, we’re including a special launch promotion! Share Audio Epics posts about Witch Hunter on Facebook to receive a 50% discount code for the audiobook!


The end of the Chronicles… The beginning of Witch Hunter!

We have posted a new article on about the end of The Witch Hunter Chronicles… Which is also the beginning of Witch Hunter, including a very interesting holiday season deal indeed!

Witch Hunter Chronicles promotion


“Witch Hunter” – the novel

At last, the Witch Hunter novel is now available on and! This is a revised and expanded version of the story that goes both further and deeper than the audio drama did!

Find it on Domien’s author page over at Amazon!


Where to find The Witch Hunter Chronicles

Hello everyone! This is just a quick reminder that you can find The Witch Hunter Chronicles on Bandcamp. The Soundcloud link won’t work anymore. We found Bandcamp to be a much better fit to our particular needs. Enjoy it right here! You are free to contribute financially or simply download it for free.

Also, the Witch Hunter Dramatized Audiobook is in the making! News about it will appear on this blog as well.

All the best!

And we have a winner!

And the winner is…


Sonic Society Interview

The Sonic Society, Canada’s #1 audio drama podcast, hosted by Jack Ward, features an interview with Audio Epics’ Domien De Groot and Eline Hoskens. It’s a really fun interview about Witch Hunter and our future plans!

You can listen to it right here!


A few more days left! Send us your design and win the e-book, the audiobook, the music score, wallpaper and illustrations + a credit in the final product!


Witch Hunter: a 6-minute preview

Our IndieGoGo campaign is going strong at and to celebrate that, we’re offering a special 6-minute preview to give you an idea of what the audiobook will sound like. Mind you, this was made with our current means. It’s going to be even more awesome once we’re fully funded:

More updates will come!

The Witch Hunter crowdfunding campaign

We’re two days into crowdfunding Witch Hunter: the dramatized audiobook and our backers have already smashed the initial barrier of $500, for which we are extremely grateful!

This is only the beginning, though. We have big intentions and are offering bigger rewards as well! We’re setting out to create the ultimate version of the Witch Hunter saga.



Announcing… WITCH HUNTER

While “The Witch Hunter Chronicles” received praise and an Ogle Award for its quality storytelling, compelling characters and exciting music and sound design, it actually doesn’t represent our full intentions for the story and this has always bothered us. Restrictions on time and resources forced us to limit the production to its current state. Meanwhile, there is so much more story to tell!

We want to give listeners the “true” story of Ludlov and Samina and that requires more attention to detail, more background and deeper exploration of the lore than the audio drama was able to provide.

That’s why I have been working on a novel simply titled “Witch Hunter”.

This novel will soon be turned into an audiobook.

Not just any old boring audiobook with one voice reading you the story, though. No, this will be as sonically exciting as the audio drama was. It will bring more detail, more character, more lore and a completely reimagined ending to the story.

To be able to produce this audiobook the way we envision it, we will need your support. That’s why we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign very soon on Indiegogo.

Before we launch it, though, please enjoy this video and share it with your friends!




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